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Sayulita formally receives Pueblo Màgico title

sayulita pueblo magico

Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero, was on hand in Sayulita to unveil the Pueblo Màgico plaque to the city at a special ceremony.

The secretary said that Sayulita now has a responsibility to maintain an attractive destination for national and international tourists and to promote Mexico as a safe and friendly destination.

As the secretary led the unveiling of the plaque and official appointment of Pueblo Màgico in Sayulita, he said that Sayulita is the sixth largest international tourist destination to be honored with the title Pueblo Màgico.

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The federal official reiterated that tourism in the first three years of his administration delivered excellent numbers that reached 23.4 million foreign visitors to Mexico in 2012, and increased to 31 million by 2015.

Currently Pueblos Màgicos in Mexico receive $6 billion pesos annually in tourism revenue.

After the ceremony in Sayulita, the secretary visited Puerto Vallarta, an area that has seen a 13.1% increase in tourism compared to last year. While in Puerto Vallarta, the secretary participated in the inauguration of Fiesta Americana Grand Hotel.