PVDN accepts news and press releases to be considered for publication. However, we do not accept news or press releases that promote commercial events. This includes news announcements of sales promotions, or paid conferences or events. The only exception to this is the announcement of arts and theatre productions that are for local entertainment purposes.

If you wish to publish a commercial event or paid event, please visit our advertising page where you can learn about submitting a paid press release known as an Advertorial. ‘For-profit news’

If you are in doubt of what is considered a commercial event, it is anything that will include the announcement of tickets or products being sold or any cost of entry. PVDN does not offer a free service to promote profitable events or businesses. We consider that to be an advertisement and should be handled through our advertising department.

If you feel like you have a non-commercial newsworthy story that will interest our readers, you may submit the content below.

We consider all content for publication but reserve the right to not publish content for any reason.