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¡Buen provecho! Mexico celebrates the Day of the Taco

Mexico celebrates the taco on March 31 with ‘Día del Taco’, or ‘Day of the Taco’. The dish is internationally recognized as uniquely Mexican cuisine, so why not give it a special day.

Even the United States has adopted a National Taco Day celebrated on October 4 each year.

Although there are many types of tacos, the basic recipe consists of a flour or corn tortilla that is rolled into different types of meat and is often accompanied by vegetables such as onions, cilantro, and spicy sauces.

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It is believed that the custom of eating taco dates from the pre-Hispanic era. As men had to work long hours, they needed to have access to quick nutritious food that were also easy to carry, then women came up with the brilliant idea to wrap the food in corn tortillas. The ancient solution to the sandwich.

Tortillas at the time were prepared on hot stones. Its main ingredient is corn, in fact it was considered for many years as a sacred food.

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