More than 2,000 earthquakes were recorded in Mexico during the month of September

The earthquakes will continue in Mexico because the country is in an area prone to tectonic plate movements, on the so-called Ring of Fire, which...
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The September 19 earthquake in Mexico created a “tsunami in the desert”, in the United States

The magnitude 7.7 earthquake that hit several states in Mexico on September 19, 2022, not only caused damage within the national territory, authorities of the...
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Will there be a mega earthquake in Mexico and the United States in the next 48 hours?

The earthquake alert states that both the UN and the Harvard Institute of Geophysics have warned that a mega earthquake will affect Mexico and the...
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There have been 1,719 aftershocks since the September 19 earthquake that shook Puerto Vallarta

On September 19, a magnitude 7.7 tremor was recorded in Jalisco at 1:05 p.m. with an epicenter in Coalcomán, Michoacán. From that day and until...
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Jalisco Civil Protection continues with earthquake damage assessment

After the earthquake that occurred at noon this Monday, September 19, in a large part of the State of Jalisco, the officers of the Regional...
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Puerto Vallarta experiences 10 earthquakes every day, you just don’t feel them; a big one is inevitable

After the earthquake of magnitude 7.7 registered on Monday afternoon with the epicenter of Coalcomán, Michoacán, it is not ruled out that an earthquake of...
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As if the earthquake wasn’t enough; Mexico City warned of activity at the Popocatépetl volcano

The Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection of Mexico City (SGIRPC) reported that due to the recent activity of the Popocatépetl volcano, ash...
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Live Updates: New aftershock of 6.9 felt in Puerto Vallarta in early morning hours

Recent update: September 22, 2020 @2:20 AM Local Time An aftershock of 6.9 rocked Puerto Vallarta again on Thursday, September 22, at 1:16 AM. Read...
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7.4 earthquake in Michoacán shakes Puerto Vallarta; TSUNAMI ALERT ISSUED

UPDATE: TSUNAMI ALERT FOR JALISCO HAS BEEN ISSUED If you are a subscriber, please log in to your dashboard to keep up with the latest...
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5.8 earthquake in Oaxaca felt as far away as Mexico City

The National Seismological (SSN) announced that there was an earthquake of magnitude 5.8 in Oaxaca, which was perceived in Mexico City and Chiapas. (update, the...
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A magnitude 4.0 earthquake off the coast of Puerto Vallarta

An earthquake of magnitude 4.0 and with a depth of 5 kilometers was recorded off the coast of Puerto Vallarta at 2:53 local time (7:53...
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5.7 earthquake is recorded with an epicenter in Veracruz

An earthquake of magnitude 5.7 was recorded this Thursday and was slightly perceptible in some parts of Mexico City, reported the National Seismological Service (SSN)....
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