Monarch Butterflies

Mexico closes seven illegal sawmills in Monarch Reserve forest

Mexican environmental authorities say they have closed seven sawmills operating illegally in the monarch forest reserve that serves as the wintering ground for monarch butterflies...
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6.2 million Monarch Butterflies killed by storms in Mexico

Storms earlier this year blew down more than a hundred acres of forests where migrating monarch butterflies spend the winter in central Mexico, killing more...
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Mexico and US working to preserve the Monarch Butterfly and Vaquita Whale

The head of the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), Rafael Pacchiano Alaman, reiterated his willingness to work with the United States on environmental...
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Monarch butterflies survived unusual cold weather in Mexico, PROFEPA

The monarch butterflies that winter in the mountains west of Mexico City survived the severe cold snap that hit the area this week, authorities said...
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Monarch butterfly numbers flutter up, but still off recent highs

Favorable weather conditions at breeding grounds for monarch butterflies in Mexico are expected to help raise their numbers to possibly more than 100 million this...
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Monarch reserve in Mexico loses 24 acres to illegal loggers

Studies found that illegal loggers clear-cut at least 24 acres (10 hectares) in the monarch butterflies’ wintering grounds in central Mexico this year, a Mexican...
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Monarch Butterflies hit Mexico (Video)

Thousands of striking orange and black monarch butterflies began arriving to their winter home in central Mexico on Saturday (November 26) in their annual migration....
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Monarch butterflies change migration route to avoid hurricane

Embattled monarch butterflies faced an extra hurdle in this year’s migration; torrential winds and rain cause by Hurricane Patricia which crashed into Mexico on Friday....
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California drought helping Monarch Butterfly in migration to Mexico

In California’s drought, the struggling monarch butterfly may have found a sprinkling of hope. Suburban homeowners ripping out thirsty lawns are dotting their new drought-tolerant...
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Deforestation in Mexico butterfly reserve more than triples

Illegal logging more than tripled in the monarch butterfly’s wintering grounds In central Mexico, reversing several years of steady improvements, investigators announced Tuesday. Almost all...
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Activists in Mexico Ask U.N to List Monarch Reserve as In Danger

Activists from Mexico, the United States and Canada are asking the U.N. World Heritage Committee to include the Monarch butterfly wintering reserve on a list...
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US Government to Restore 200,000 Acres of Monarch Habitat

The federal government on Monday pledged $3.2 million to help save the monarch butterfly, the iconic orange-and-black butterfly that can migrate thousands of miles between...
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