Piedras Negras
The governor of Jalisco, Aristóteles Sandoval signed an agreement with the National Polytechnic Institute and SEDATU, Román Meyer for the application of an urban improvement program in marginalized areas of Puerto Vallarta. “Because as a governor who is just one month away from completing his term for which he was elected, I can point out...
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monarch mexico
Representatives from 23 states in Mexico and civil society organizations participated in a meeting during the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Monarch Butterfly Monitoring National Network. The regional director of the Neo Volcanic Center and Axis of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, Gloria Tavera Alonso, highlighted that the migratory phenomenon of Monarch Butterfly...
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The National Public Urban Security Survey tracks the public perception of safety in Mexico every quarter, in March 2017 residents felt safest in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In January we reported Puerto Vallarta ranked second place with 40.5% of those surveyed having some anxiety over safety, well below the national average in December 2016. In the...
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