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Taxi Fare Increase of 25% Approved in Puerto Vallarta

A new rate increase on taxi fares has gone into effect. The minimum fare for the shortest distance was $40 pesos, that trip will now cost you $50 pesos.

Rafael Yerena Zambrano, secretary of Federation of Workers in Jalisco, said that the minimum wage in Mexico has risen by 4.2% so operational costs have also increased for the taxi companies paying their office and transportation employees.

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The rate does not include those with agreements working from hotels whose rates have not increases in several years, notes Zambrano.

Two weeks ago the government warned taxis about hiking their rates during the holidays and encouraged passengers who experienced higher rates to file a complaint with the Department of Mobility.

Taxis are required to carry government issued rate cards and have them available for review by passengers who request the information, however taxis are not required to post the cards in a visible location.