Is Puerto Vallarta Safe?
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Is Puerto Vallarta Safe? That is what people want to know.

If you ask a local if Puerto Vallarta is safe, you will probably be met with an eye-roll, chuckle, or even a full-blown laugh in your face.

It’s no secret that Mexico has a problem and parts of the country are not safe, but Mexico is a big place. Puerto Vallarta has remained nearly untouched by the violence seen in other tourist destinations in the country, thanks to local, state, and federal authorities making sure that tourists in our area remain safe.

Even in other parts of Mexico with high crime and violence, tourists are rarely the victims (of violence). Take away cartel on cartel violence and Mexico becomes much safer than the United States. A foreign tourist is more likely to become the victim of a violent crime in the U.S., and your chances are slim-to-none if you are not involved in the drug trade while visiting Mexico.

A victim of crime is another story. Tourists many times leave their commonsense at the border. Anywhere in the world, whether your hometown or in Mexico, it’s not recommended to flash money around, we recommend keeping your wallet in your front pocket, women should have purses that can go over the shoulder (if you must carry one), keep purses zipped up, not hanging open. Don’t leave valuables unattended on the beach. You know, commonsense. You should be mindful but not obsessed, that is good practice everywhere.

Comparing Puerto Vallarta to many popular tourist destinations in the U.S., Puerto Vallarta is much safer. Per capita, you are more likely to be a victim of violent crime in Orlando, Washington D.C., Hollywood, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and other well-known tourist spots in the U.S.

We recommend you browse the news articles below to learn about what Puerto Vallarta is doing to keep tourists and our community safe.

Is Puerto Vallarta Safe?

New National Public Security Survey puts Puerto Vallarta as safest city in Mexico

The National Public Urban Security Survey tracks the public perception of safety in Mexico every quarter, in March 2017 residents felt safest in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In January we reported Puerto Vallarta ranked second place with 40.5% of those surveyed having some anxiety over safety, well below the national average in December 2016. In the...

Record number of tourists feel safe in Puerto Vallarta

Tourists in Puerto Vallarta report feeling very safe and that the city is a friendly tourist destination, according to surveys conducted by the Municipal Tourism Directorate during the Easter holiday. The director of the unit, Ramón González Lomelí, said that staff surveyed 2,280 tourists in ten location throughout the city, such as the Municipal Palace,...

Vecino Vigilante encourages citizens to help maintain safety in Puerto Vallarta

José de Jesús Palacios Bernal with Puerto Vallarta’s neighborhood watch organization, Vecino Vigilante, says everyone must participate in the general citizenship of Puerto Vallarta and not leave complete safety of the area up to Municipal Public Security. He added that together the citizens need to continue to look for ways to preserve safety in the...

National Urban Security Survey ranks Puerto Vallarta among the safest

In Mexico the economic situation worsens day by day, and also the insecurity and fear of the population to be victims of some crime. This is shown by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) in its National Public Urban Security Survey (ENSU), which revealed that in December 2016, 74.1% of the population aged...

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board issues statement on recent abductions

Dear Travel and Tourism Member: The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board regrets the unfortunate incident that took place on Monday, August 15, in one of our popular local restaurants. We understand that the media coverage this incident has received may have raised many questions from you and your clients but rest assured that national, state and...
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Tourists choosing Puerto Vallarta as the safe destination in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta has become fashionable and hasn’t experienced the security problems facing other major destinations in the country, said Agustin Alvarez, director of the Tourism Board of Puerto Vallarta. “The decline of other tourist destinations such as Acapulco, has made ​​people turn to Puerto Vallarta, for security, connectivity and value,” said the director of the...

Puerto Vallarta maintains safe status in recent U.S. travel updates

Puerto Vallarta has maintained its safety status in this week’s updated travel warnings for Mexico issued by the U.S. State Department. While Jalisco state border regions along the states of Michoacán and Zacatecas remain under a warning by the U.S., these areas remain eight hours from Puerto Vallarta. The State Department warns U.S. citizens have...

Puerto Vallarta safety misconceptions debunked

The director of the Tourism Board very much wants to clear up a lingering – and negative – Puerto Vallarta safety misconceptions about the destination. “There is no travel warning to Puerto Vallarta,” said Agustin Alvarez. “The U.S. State Department’s travel warning as it pertains to the state of Jalisco highlights rural highways and areas...
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