Migrant Issues in Mexico

Migrants in Mexico come from diverse backgrounds and have different reasons for migrating, including economic opportunities, escaping violence, and reuniting with family in the United States. Mexico serves as a transit route for migrants from Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and other regions. The journey through Mexico is challenging and risky, with migrants facing dangers, exploitation, and detention. Mexico’s approach to migration has varied, from cooperating with the US on border security to adopting more humanitarian approaches. It’s important to stay updated on current information regarding migrants in Mexico and those using it as a route to the United States.

Colombians Say Mexican Authorities Were Complicit in Their Kidnapping, Not Rescuers

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) – On May 2nd, a family of 10 Colombians were abducted near San Luis Río Colorado, a city in Mexico’s Sonora state....
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Suspected Terrorist from Afghan Arrested at U.S.-Mexico Border

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) – On May 10, a person listed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) terrorist watch list was detained after crossing the...
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They find 57 teenage migrants crammed into a truck near the US border

Immigration authorities in Mexico said they found 57 migrant Guatemalan teenagers crammed into a trailer on a highway near the US border on Thursday. According...
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Migrants tell of mass kidnappings in Mexico before crossing into the U.S.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico, Dec 14 (Reuters) – Many of the hundreds of migrants who crossed the Rio Grande from Ciudad Juarez into El Paso this...
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Caravan of 6,000 migrants depart southern Mexico for the U.S. border

Several thousand migrants, many from Venezuela, set off from southern Mexico early Monday aiming to reach the United States, timing their journey to coincide with...
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Mexico’s supreme court rules the process of hunting down migrants in the country is unconstitutional

The reviews carried out by the National Migration Institute ( INM ) at points other than international transit posts are unconstitutional, ruled the First Chamber...
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Migrants in southern Mexico begin marching north after U.S. announces end of COVID ban

TAPACHULA, Mexico (AP) — Some 500 migrants from Central America, Venezuela and elsewhere fought with Mexican police, National Guard and immigration officers in southern Mexico...
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Protesting migrants in southern Mexico threaten to form new caravan

Hundreds of migrants in the southern Mexican city of Tapachula on Thursday protested against the slow pace of government visa approvals and threatened to form...
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Mexico’s National Guard uses deadly force and abuse in confronting migrants

Mexico’s National Guard, a militarized police force, caused scenes of panic among migrant families traveling north from the border with Guatemala over the weekend. The...
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2,000 migrants continue walk through southern Mexico

HUEHUETAN, Mexico (AP) — A group of about 2,000 mainly Central American migrants continued their mass trek from the southern Mexico city of Tapachula on...
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Mexico sends second flight with migrants to Haiti

Mexico repatriated 129 Haitians in coordination with Port-au-Prince, to address the crisis that unleashed a wave of undocumented migrants to the United States, reported the...
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Mexico sends 70 Haitian migrants back home by plane

MEXICO CITY, Sept 29 (Reuters) – Mexico’s government sent 70 Haitian migrants back to Haiti on Wednesday in what it described as a “voluntary return”...
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