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Tourist falls 182 meters in zipline accident

A tourist from California was allegedly injured when a portion of the canopy at Nogalito Eco Park failed last Thursday. The victim fell 182 meters (600 feet) down into the canopy where she was suspended in trees by her zipline vest, according Manuel Orosco, a family friend of the victim.

The incident occurred in the seventh section of the canopy tour known as Descanso. The Nogalito Eco Park has 11 lines with a maximum height of 660 feet.

Manuel Orosco stated the victim was unable to receive medical treatment in Puerto Vallarta without insurance so she immediately returned to California to seek medical attention.

During an examination in California it was discovered she had injured her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the ligament in the knees, and required surgery.

“A local couple told me they were on the Nogalito zipline last Thursday when the cable broke. A woman claims to have fallen 600 feet into the tree canopy,” Chris Smith, reporter from San Francisco, told PVDN.

The tourist arrived in Puerto Vallarta by cruise ship and purchased canopy tickets directly through Nogalito Eco Park and was not part of a tour group, according to sources.

PVDN attempted to buy tickets online from Nogalito Eco Park and were asked to agree to the terms and safety conditions, however the links to the terms do not function, so it’s unclear what users are agreeing to in terms of their safety with this particular company.

A canopy tour is an established route through a wooded and often mountainous landscape making primary use of zip-lines and aerial bridges between platforms built in trees.

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Zip lining has provided the answer for many adventure enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of rushing through the air without parachuting out of a plane or bouncing on a shock cord. As with any recreational activity, riding a zip line comes with risks that can be minimized by adhering to safety protocols set in place by industry professionals.

Zip lines in Puerto Vallarta remain safe. It’s important to use reputable companies with excellent safety records. Los Veranos Canopy Tour is the original zipline company in Puerto Vallarta, and well-known tour operator Vallarta Adventures also holds a high safety record.

Nogalito Eco Park has not responded to numerous requests from PVDN for comment.