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UnibusPV has goal of hiring 50 female bus drivers in Puerto Vallarta

In the coming weeks, UnibusPV, the public transport company operating bus services in Puerto Vallarta, will start with a recruitment program to include 50 women who will work as unit operators.

The objective of the inclusion of women is part of the company’s commitment to gender equity and also to offer job opportunities to those people who seek to have a decent job.

“We are an inclusive company that also seeks gender equity,” says Luis Alberto Romero Chávez, president of the transport company

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Also, current drivers were trained in first aid and will begin training on passenger awareness and customer service which will translate into a better service and an educated attention to the public transport users of Puerto Vallarta.

“It is difficult to change people from one day to the next, but we are convinced that the UnibusPV drivers will offer a better service to the users of Puerto Vallarta,” said Luis Alberto Romero Chávez, who guarantees that the attention to passengers will change.

Drivers also received training on the maintenance of the new buses added to the UnibusPV fleet of public transportation units in the city.