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Jalisco New Generation Cartel cell in Puerto Vallarta dismantled

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The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) announced the arrest of three people and the dismantling of a criminal cell that operated for Jalisco New Generation Cartel Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

The PGR reported that the operation was conducted in coordination with the Mexican Army and Federal Police and ended in the arrest of three alleged members of the criminal organization as well as the seizure of heavy weapons.

The head of the Specialized Investigation of Crimes Against Health PGR, Elizabeth Hernandez, said a conditioning camp located near the town of Las Palmas, in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, was located with heavily armed suspected cartel members.

The armed suspects opened fire on authorities but fled the scene. “By being outnumbered, the aggressors fled, which began a chase that ended with the arrest of three of them, each carrying a long gun, two of which had grenade launcher and caliber 40 mm” Hernandez said.

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In the camp, federal agents secured six long guns, two short, three rocket launchers, three RPG, .50 caliber Barret, 40 mm grenades, 15 grenades for RPG, seven hand grenades, 88 magazines for firearms of various calibers, and 2, 294 cartridges of amo.

Earlier in the month, authorities arrested 9 people linked to recruiting cartel members in Puerto Vallarta through a false security company and advertising high pay and benefits for those who applied.

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