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Whale Watching season officially ends in Puerto Vallarta

After four months of migration in the Mexican Pacific, the whale watching period in Puerto Vallarta has concluded.

Officially, the season ended on Tuesday, March 23, however, on the weekend, whales could still be seen in Banderas Bay, giving a show at a relatively short distance from the city’s Malecon, as if they were giving their final encore.

According to Ecología y Conservación de Ballenas AC / Ecobac, an organization dedicated to the preservation and rescue of these cetaceans, the whale watching season in Nayarit and Jalisco is over, for this reason, it says goodbye to “a great season with many whales”.

The non-profit civil organization also celebrated 25 years of working with this incredible species that migrate to the waters of the Mexican Pacific from December to March.

The season ended in Guerrero on March 20 and in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca on March 21.

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The dates of whale watching are established according to the needs of the whales, not of the humans, for this reason, the organization warns tourists during Semana Santa not to get taken advantage of with tour companies selling whale watching tours this week.

“The whale watching season is over,” reiterates Ecobac. The organization reminds that, if these days a whale is seen, you must maintain a minimum distance of 240 meters and continue your journey as soon as possible.

It is important not to interfere in this last stage of migration when there are very few whales left in the area.