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What do tourists hate the most about Puerto Vallarta?

The system of public transport and the harassment perpetrated by the sellers of timeshares are the 2 ‘things’ that tourists in Puerto Vallarta hate the most about the destination, according to a survey conducted.

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The first sector gets the most criticism for not being very specific about the route, referring to buses. On the other hand, the taxi service continues to be expensive and selective. Uber also doesn’t leave the best impression by vehicles in conditions not acceptable to offer the service, dirty or with obvious damage.

As for the sellers of timeshares, the constant harassment they make to visitors is what they most dislike. Specifically, the physical contact made with visitors is what bothers most, according to the opinions collected.

A few days ago a list of the main attractions of the destination was announced according to the opinion of the visitors, with the beaches and the boardwalk being the winners.