Why pay for news on VallartaDaily.Com?

I am the first to admit that information should be accessible to all at no cost. And I followed that model for a decade on PVDN. However, as this website grew and more people began reading the news here, my server costs also increased. In addition, I had to close my very profitable business of nearly 20-years to continue producing content for PVDN, a website that a decade ago I started as a hobby. I never expected it would take off as fast as it has.

There was no foreseeable way to sell enough advertising to cover the cost of running VallartaDaily.Com, not to mention generating enough money to afford a basic life after closing my profitable business. I am far from wealthy and even further from retirement age, so an income is of importance. Advertising simply isn’t enough to monetize a news website in today’s market where people are turning to social media for their news, at their own detriment and risk of consuming fake news.

The traditional business model for news organizations has been declining in recent years. With the rise of social media and digital platforms, more and more people are turning to these sources for their news, often for free. This has led to a significant decrease in revenue for traditional news outlets, which rely on advertising to fund their operations. Subscriptions offer a way for these organizations to monetize their content and generate revenue from those who are willing to pay for it and for the niche the news site serves.

Subscriptions also have helped to increase the quality of articles on PVDN. When news outlets rely solely on advertising revenue, they are often incentivized to produce content that will generate clicks and pageviews, rather than focusing on in-depth reporting that is important to the community. By implementing subscriptions, online news organizations can prioritize quality over quantity, as they are no longer solely dependent on generating traffic to drive revenue.

Finally, subscriptions can help to ensure that the news remains free from external influence. When news organizations rely on advertising revenue, there is a risk that they may be influenced by the advertisers who fund them. This can lead to biased reporting or a reluctance to cover certain topics. We see this in other English news sites in Puerto Vallarta where the news isn’t really covered because their income relies on tourism and real estate advertisers who insist on a completely positive approach to covering Puerto Vallarta. By implementing subscriptions, news outlets can become less dependent on advertisers and more independent in their reporting.

Not all content is paid content on PVDN. Any news of importance to public health and safety is published for the general public without a subscription. I also publish press releases from the government and other sources, content that is not created by me, for the general public. I also pay a licensing fee to publish news from the Associated Press and Reuters, that content is offered without a subscription.

If you are in a position to subscribe, please do so and support small local news, there isn’t a lot of us left! Subscribe Here.

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