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Woolworth opens second store in Puerto Vallarta

The interim municipal mayor, Rodolfo Domínguez Monroy, inaugurated the new Woolworth Pitillal store, the second of the commercial chain in Puerto Vallarta that generates new jobs and the opportunity for more Vallartian families to have a better income.

Together with the general director of Woolworth, Enrique Marcos; the director of Operations, Antonio Antúnez, and the manager of this new branch, Javier Apac, as well as special guests, the mayor of Vallarta cut the opening ribbon to officially welcome the commercial store.

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Enrique Marcos stressed that it is a special day for this chain as it opens the 92nd store of this commercial group, this being the first of six that will be opening this year. With this, 90 new employees join the Woolworth family, which is already just over 10 thousand in the entire chain.

In his message, he thanked the municipal authorities for the facilities provided so that this project is now a reality. “Thank you very much because we need governments that are open to investment, here we invest a lot of money but we also invest a lot of heart,” he said.

The presbyter Francisco Javier Santiago, gave the blessing to the new facilities and the workforce that from this Thursday, serves the people of Vallarta.