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9th Mexico City International Documentary Film Festival

The 9th Mexico City International Documentary Film Festival, which will run from October 29 to November 9, will screen 103 documentaries and 72 short films, revealed the organizers at press conference Wednesday.

The festival will take place in 12 theaters and 28 public spaces in Mexico City, and some of the documentaries will be screened in 19 Ibero-American countries with the sponsoring of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

The festival’s details were disclosed at press conference by Inti Cordera and Pau Montagud, the festival’s Chief Executive Officers, alongside with the filmmaker Felipe Cazals, who was introduced as the presiding juror at this year’s edition.

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Cazals said that, “the documentary has become predominant, specially for the new generations… because the desire of each documentary, of each filmmaker is to become a witness, somehow, of its time, of its moment.”

The categories of this years competition are: International Feature Film, Ibero-American Feature Film, Mexican Feature-Film, Documentary for Television and International Short-Film.

The guest go honor of this year’s edition will be the U.S. documentary filmmaker, Godfrey Reggio, who will present his latest feature documentary, “Visitors,” and will offer some lectures on the documentaries industry, from November 3 – 7, at Cineteca Nacional.