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Incanto’s cozy traditional piano bar setting is better than ever with regulars and visitors alike relaxing around the piano and singing along. Pianist Dennis Crow plays most evenings at 9:30 pm and takes requests. He...

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Enrique de Allende and Alejandro Peña sing!

Legendary music producer, David Foster said, “Enrique has a very sweet but powerful voice” when describing popular vocalist Enrique de Allende, crooner extraordinaire, who will sing many of your favorites by Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé, and many more when he makes his debut performance at Incanto on two nights only, March 30...

Bohemia Viva’s ‘Reflections’ This Wednesday At The Palm Cabaret

Vallarta’s favorite Argentinian duo, Bohemia Viva, will perform their final show of the season at The Palm Cabaret this coming Wednesday night. Andrea and Luis have been presenting a new collection of songs to brighten and entertain their audience. This season’s show, ‘Reflections,’ has been a mix of Latin fusion from many cultures, that has...

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