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State of Jalisco No Longer on ‘Code Red’

Sunday night the government of Jalisco announced that ‘Code Red’ has been disabled across the state, including Puerto Vallarta.

The government issued this statement:

“A few moments ago the Attorney General’s office of the State of Jalisco deactivated ‘Code Red’ that had been in effect since May 1, 2015 after violent attacks in the state.

The deactivation of ‘Code Red’ will not limit the coordination between local, state, and federal authorities to maintain safety, which remains permanent.

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The security threat in the state has passed and we have moved into a preventative state.

The Attorney General’s office reaffirms its commitment to timely reporting of any situation that poses a risk to public safety.”

Puerto Vallarta, along with the state of Jalisco have been under Code Red since cartel violence erupted on May 1, 2015 in 25 municipalities in the state.