May 1, 2014

Mexico is Producing Some Great Wines… Really!

Mexico is a great place for growing grapes Some of the nation’s best wines come from Valle de Guadalupe, situated on the Baja coast. Close...
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U.S. and Mexico Would Benefit from “Frictionless” Border

A comprehensive research report, "From Border Barriers to Bi-National Promise," by the Creative Class Group, in partnership with Global CONNECT at the University of California,...
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Hidden Beaches and Resort Towns of the Mexican Coast

Mexico’s Pacific coast, and especially its northern stretches, has long been the playground of American tourists: now, thanks to new weekly flights to Puerto Vallarta...
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Medical Tourism to Double Throughout Latin American Over the Next 2 Years

The Global Wellness Tourism Congress (GWTC), a division of the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) focused on charting the growth of the rapidly growing wellness travel...
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