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Ian Hayden Parker (founder of PVDN) at Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca

I started PVDN as a hobby and on a dare by another local news site that insisted there was no way I could do what they did. Now PVDN is the most read English news site serving Puerto Vallarta and one of the most read English news sites in Mexico.

My name is Ian Hayden Parker, founder of PVDN.

I moved to Mexico without ever visiting first and I chose Puerto Vallarta as my destination based on the fact that I had never visited Mexico, didn’t speak the language, and I knew there was a large expat community. All things that would make adjusting to a new country more simple.

Before moving to Mexico I had owned and operated a branding company in the United States for a decade and had the privilege to work with large multinational brands and famous personalities on their branding projects. My business was successful, and best of all, it could be accomplished 100% remotely. Tired of the rat race in the United States, I sought out other options, and without boring you with the details, that is how I decided on Mexico, and more specifically, Puerto Vallarta.

After arriving in Puerto Vallarta and shaking off the ‘vacation’ feeling, something all new expats feel when they first arrive in a new country, I started to settle in as a resident of Puerto Vallarta, not just another vacationer. As I started to see Puerto Vallarta as a hometown and not a vacation destination, I realized it was lacking something very important for expats who lived in the area, a news source that wasn’t focused only on tourism and lifestyle news, but more focused on keeping the local population informed of current events that had a direct impact on their life or opened them to another side of life in Puerto Vallarta.

My entire life I had a strong interest in current events (and history) and have always been a news junkie. So after a few months of reading the local news, I was desperate for something more than Puerto Vallarta’s ranking in tourism. It’s important for tourism and Puerto Vallarta’s economy is nearly 100% reliant on the tourism industry, but there is other news happening that impacts the lives of everyone in Puerto Vallarta beyond the 3 blocks of the tourist strip along the Malecon. That’s the news I wanted to know! After all, I was now living in Puerto Vallarta, I wasn’t a tourist.

While still continuing with my branding business and gathering local clients, I had a project that required me to work with the only English news site in Puerto Vallarta at that time. During a disagreement about branding, the owner of the news site told me that I knew nothing about the news business and I couldn’t do what they did. Well, that is one way to motivate me, tell me I can’t do something.

Within a year, I launched PVDN (June 2014). Before long, PVDN was the most read English news in Puerto Vallarta and I closed my branding company to dedicate myself full time to news publications.

I never imagined the success PVDN would have achieved. I had planned to prove to myself that I could manage a news site and perhaps make it a hobby publishing a few articles a week. But the readers had other plans.

Nearly a decade later, PVDN is still operating as the most read English news site in Puerto Vallarta and I am still the only employee in this one-man show. I work from 6 AM until 11 PM, sometimes 24 hours when important breaking news is happening. But this is the work that fulfills me and makes me feel like I am doing something that matters.

So now you know a little more about me and PVDN!

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