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    Common Questions

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    1. Only submit your feedback once, do not send multiple messages using this form in a short period of time.
    2. When submitting disagreeable feedback, do it with respect and without name-calling, personal attacks, or profanity.

    Why are you not responding to my feedback?

    It is very rare that I will reply to feedback. PVDN is a one-man operation and my attention is focused on publishing news and working with my advertisers and sponsors.

    Feedback is a way for readers to send a comment or feedback on the PVDN website or specific story, this is not a contact or question form. I will read every message but it’s rare that feedback or opinions require a reply, it’s a place for you to give an opinion or make a statement.

    I respect different points of view, but if your message includes personal attacks, name-calling, or profanity, you can be assured that I won’t read your message or reply. I spend time being productive, not destructive. If you want to make a point and want me to consider your point of view seriously and with maturity, you should present it in that way. 

    Why do you have so many advertisements?

    Advertisements pay for the site’s operation. Not only are there overhead costs and server costs that are expensive for a website that generates 20,000 page views a day, but there is also my time (15 hours a day, 7 days a week). There is no other time for me to have another paying job, so PVDN needs to generate an income for me to pay my living expenses. If you want to see fewer ads, consider becoming a PVDN Supporter or Sponsor, the more public funding I can raise the less dependent on advertising I will be.

    Are you interested in selling PVDN?

    This is a common question I am asked, the answer is no, I am not actively seeking to sell PVDN. However, any serious offer above $50,000 USD cash payment will be considered.

    Why did you change your images to a blue overlay?

    Changing the images with a blue overlay has been the most controversial thing I have done with PVDN and has been the number one question in recent weeks. There are a few reasons for this change and I have no plans on ending the blue overlay on images.

    1. Too many people were ripping off PVDN stories and images. The blue overlay with the title printed on the images reduces the chances people will take our images. The problem wasn’t they are saving PVDN images and using them on their own website, they are keeping the images on my server (called hotlinking) and making PVDN pay the server bandwidth to show our images on their news sites.
    2. The change is part of the new PVDN branding, and it’s working. When PVDN stories are shared on social media, the images appear. Now people quickly recognize a story is from PVDN when they see it on social media. It builds brand recognition and trust.
    3. The change has worked. PVDN social media shares have increased 30% and web traffic has increased by 13% since I started branding the PVDN images.

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