May 29, 2014

Tourists Choosing Puerto Vallarta Over Other Beach Destinations

Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism has reported that Puerto Vallarta had average hotel room occupancy of 8,612 rooms from January to April, 2014, 10 percent more...
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Mole Poblano with Chicken Recipe

Mole, pronounced (MOH-lay) is from the Nahuatl molli, meaning "concoction, or mixture". Red mole is from central Mexico in the Puebla and Oaxaca regions, also...
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Mexico’s Government to Pay Indian Woman Compensation

A court has ordered Mexico's government to pay compensation to Jacinta Francisco Marcial, an Indian woman who spent three years in prison on a kidnapping...
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Kidnapped Environmentalists Set Free in Mexico

Two Mexican environmentalists have been freed after they were briefly kidnapped by settlers seeking to carve up North America's last large pocket of tropical rain...
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