September 22, 2014

Former President Vicente Fox Believes Jalisco Will Change Drug Laws This Year

A Mexican state could approve medicinal use of marijuana by the end of this year, paving the way for further steps toward legalizing the drug,...
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Twelve Train Derailments in Three Months Won’t Stop Mexico from Tripling Speeds

In southern Mexican state of Chiapas, twelve freight trains used by Central American illegal immigrants heading for the United States have been derailed in the...
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Actress Sophia Loren Receives “Wings of Mexico City” from Mayor

Italian actress Sophia Loren has been named a "Distinguished Visitor" of Mexico City by Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera, who gave her the Las Alas de...
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Carlos Slim’s Son-In-Law Designs New Mexico City Airport

Mexico's government on Wednesday unveiled the winning design for a new, futuristic, spider-shaped airport for the capital that will ease delays and boost capacity at...
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Puerto Vallarta Tourists Receive Tax Return on Purchases in Mexico

Foreigners visiting Mexico on a tourist visa can obtain the refund of tax* that has been retained in the acquisition of merchandise, in commerce established...
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Why Mexico is a Good Investment

Many Americans think they should stay away from investing in the emerging markets for fear they are too risky. However, proper diversification is one of...
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