November 17, 2014

Marina Vallarta Prepares for Revitalization After Long Wait

Marina Vallarta was one of the first mega developments in Mexico, constructed in the late 1980's. The Marina has served as a model for other...
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Puerto Vallarta Has Excellent Results Over Holiday Weekend

Preliminary data shows hotel occupancy was at 90% over the weekend, or about 22,000 occupied rooms, according to the Department of Tourism. Domestic tourism from...
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New Pipeline to Import Natural Gas Into Mexico Opens

A new pipeline project to move Eagle Ford Shale natural gas into Mexico’s growing energy market has opened. Although Mexico has vast natural gas reserves,...
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Border Town Starts Enforcing 2 Year Old Long-Stay Visa Law

In 2012 Mexico passed a law requiring a tourist visa for any visitors to Mexico's border cities, within 25 miles of the border, for longer...
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Bienvenidos Los Presidentes Opens in Puerto Vallarta

Deborah Aschheim: Bienvenidos Los Presidentes is a multidisciplinary exhibition about collective memory and mythology that blends archival research, community interviews, and a broad range of...
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