September 9, 2015

Quitting smoking may help reduce diabetes complications

People with type 2 diabetes who smoke have significantly higher risks of heart disease, stroke, and death than diabetic non-smokers, a new study shows. They...
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PROFEPA cracking down on sea turtle egg theft in Puerto Vallarta

In recent days the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protections (PROFEPA) has cracked down on the theft of sea turtle eggs from their nesting places in...
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Mexico’s Independence Day in Puerto Vallarta and around Mexico

In the early nineteenth century, Mexico, with a little influence from the US and France, began talking about a revolt against Spain. Father Miguel Hidalgo...
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Litibú Golf Course welcomes the Riviera Nayarit Open

The Riviera Nayarit Open will be played on the Litubú Golf Course from September 10-13, 2015, marking the third stop in the Mexico Golf Tour...
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