December 10, 2015

Kat Graham y Serguéi Brin de vacaciones en Riviera Nayarit

Los últimos famosos que detectó el Observatorio de Celebridades de Riviera Nayarit, fueron la cantante, bailarina, actriz y modelo, Kat Graham y por otro lado,...
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Kat Graham and Serguéi Brin on vacation in Riviera Nayarit

The latest personalities sighted by the Riviera Nayarit’s Celebrity Watch were singer, dancer, actress and model Kat Graham, as well as one of Google’s co-founders,...
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Venezuela’s first transgender lawmaker vows to fight for LGBT

Venezuela's first transgender lawmaker says she will fight for gay rights and gender equality, drawing inspiration from a flurry of new laws on marriage and...
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U.S. deploys facial and eye scanners along Mexico border

Nearly half of the people living in the U.S. illegally are believed to have entered the country legally and stayed on expired visas. To combat...
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California couple indicted for smuggling sea turtle eggs from Nayarit

A Southern California couple has been indicted in San Diego federal court on charges of smuggling sea turtle eggs into the United States from Mexico,...
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Puerto Vallarta shows-off its Medical Tourism credentials

Puerto Vallarta is emerging as a major destination for medical tourism, one of the most innovative and profitable segments of tourism in the country. The...
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