January 26, 2016

Mexico says women do not need to delay pregnancy due to Zika

There is currently "no justification" for asking Mexican women to postpone getting pregnant because of an outbreak of the mosquito-born virus Zika, a senior Mexican...
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Heart attack causes and symptoms are different in women

The causes of heart attacks and the warning symptoms that can signal the need for immediate medical attention are different in women than in men,...
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Shashi Tharoor vows to fight bigotry after bid to decriminalise gay sex fails

Shashi Tharoor campaigning for gay sex to be legalised said on Monday he would continue his fight for the freedom and equality of sexual minorities...
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Well-Strung men return to Puerto Vallarta

The all-male string quartet, Well-Strung, returns to The Palm for a third season with an all new show, Summer Lovin’. This popular and talented group...
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