March 12, 2016
nopal diabetes

Eating cactus can regulate glucose levels in diabetics

Nopal, or cactus, consumption reduces the risk of diabetes complications, has no side effects, and is inexpensive, reported Ph.D. in Basic Biomedical Research of the...
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gay cia

U.S. spy agencies to celebrate LGBT employees

U.S. spy agencies will publicly celebrate their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees and encourage new LGBT recruits at the South by Southwest festival in...
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Mexico states along U.S. Border observe Daylight Savings tonight

Tonight northern states in Mexico will set their clocks forward for Daylight Savings, while the rest of the country will wait until April 3. Mexican...
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trump mexico economy

Feds ‘Implicitly’ weighing risk of Trump victory on Mexico’s economy

Mexico central bank governor Agustin Carstens said on Friday he is "implicitly" factoring in the possibility of Republican hopeful Donald Trump becoming U.S. president in...
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younger siblings

Having a younger sibling may be good for your health

That pesky kid brother or sister who broke your stuff and got you in trouble all the time may have actually done you a favor....
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puerto vallarta cartel

Cartel recruitment shows expansion in Jalisco

A public recruitment drive by a Mexican drug cartel using fliers promising high wages and good benefits reflects the expanding power of the gang, experts...
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Children’s Circus

The Children’s Circus Presents “Camino de Hazaña”

The San Pancho Children’s Circus will present the fifth edition of “Camino de Hazaña” (Heroic Journey) in the Cultural Capital of the Riviera Nayarit, San...
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