May 21, 2016
meteor mexico city

Meteor passes over Mexico City followed by loud explosion

A flash accompanied by a crash this morning was recorded in central Mexico at around 1:45 AM, said SkyAlert, which attributed the phenomenon to a...
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southwest airlines vallarta

Southwest Airlines applying for L.A. to Puerto Vallarta routes

Southwest Airlines will apply this month to fly from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta, along with Cancun and Los Cabos. That decision comes in the...
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record heat

2016 predicted to be hottest year on record

Last April was the hottest on record since 1880, with an increase of 1.1 degrees Celsius compared to those calculated between 1951 and 1980 average...
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World Bank launches $500 million fund to fight pandemics

The World Bank on Saturday said it was launching a $500 million, fast-disbursing insurance fund to combat deadly pandemics in poor countries, creating the world's...
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climate change

How climate change is threatening women around the world

Carla Lopez remembers the first time she heard a suggestion that climate change was a factor leading to the rape of young girls. "I was...
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