September 3, 2016
An elongated area of low pressure continues to produce an extensive area of disorganized cloudiness and showers, extending several hundred miles south through southwest of the southern coast of Mexico. Upper-level winds are expected to become more conducive for development, and this area of disturbed weather is likely to consolidate and become a tropical depression...
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A Mexican senator is proposing legislation to empower the government to retaliate if a U.S. administration led by Donald Trump inflicts expropriations or economic losses on his country to make it pay for a border wall. Republican presidential nominee Trump has vowed to have Mexico fund the planned wall to keep out illegal immigrants if...
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Bertha Lutz
Eleanor Roosevelt gets the credit for championing women’s rights at the United Nations but two researchers have found that the real heroines responsible for getting women into the U.N. Charter are from Latin America, led by a little-known Brazilian. Fatima Sator and Elise Luhr Dietrichson, researchers from the University of London’s School of Oriental and...
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