September 4, 2016
“Super, well done,” her trainer says, and Maya, a Hungarian golden retriever, happily holds up her left paw, responding to the praise. Maya works with a group of Hungarian researchers at the Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, who have scanned the brains of 13 dogs, finding that dogs process words and intonation to work out...
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saint mother teresa
With Sunday’s canonization of Mother Teresa, Pope Francis honored the tiny nun who cared for the “poorest of the poor” as the epitome of his call for mercy. Here are some significant dates in the life of the Catholic Church’s newest saint: 1910: Agnes Gonxe Bojaxhiu is born on Aug. 26 in Skopje, in what...
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Nuevo Laredo
Two highway shootouts between soldiers and suspected drug gang members in a northern border city resulted in 11 dead Saturday, including a bystander caught in the crossfire, Mexican authorities reported. The violence in Nuevo Laredo, across from Laredo, Texas, prompted the temporary closure of the highway, which is a major artery for travel and commerce...
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