January 2, 2017

Migrants in U.S., Mexico fret about Trump threat to halt remittances

In central Mexico’s Mezquital Valley, new pick-up trucks bounce along unpaved roads and U.S.-style houses are springing up alongside cornfields. But people are afraid that...
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Protesters close roads and gas stations to protest gas hikes

Small groups of protesters blockaded some roads and gasoline stations in Mexico on Monday to protest a government price deregulation that sent the price of...
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Act II opens the new year with some of Vallarta’s favorites

Act II opens the new year with some of Vallarta’s favorites and sure winners… SUTTON LEE SEYMOUR in two brand-new shows, “FAME-ISH, The Best Show...
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Riviera Nayarit Open Water Swim Tournament joins Global Swim Series

Thanks to its distribution, its organization, the security both in and out of the water, the infrastructure, the natural conditions and the rapid positioning of...
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International Peace Garden Of Mexico at Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Like never before, the future of our world and its inhabitants depend on people coming together to work out peaceful solutions for our collective challenges....
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Violence spreads like a contagious infection among friends

“Violent acts tend to cluster through social networks, and they spread like a contagious disease spreads from one person to another,” the study’s senior author...
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