September 15, 2017
bike tours puerto vallarta

Challenge the Mind and Body with Mountain Biking in Puerto Vallarta

The adventure of cycling through the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental outside of Puerto Vallarta allows its participants to harmonize their body, mind and...
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Remembering how my life changed after being taken to the USA

Lately I have seen some posts about DACA and other immigration related news, which for some are not really interesting, but for some others, it...
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How ‘dreamers’ and green card lottery winners strengthen the US economy

While President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans have long decried illegal immigration and proposed remedies like the wall and mass deportations, they have traditionally...
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mexico trump

Mexicans dislike President Donald Trump. Mucho.

According to a new poll, just 5 percent of Mexicans trust Trump’s judgment in international affairs. That’s the American leader’s lowest rating among citizens of...
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hurricane max

200 homes damaged after Hurricane Max hit Mexico’s Pacific Coast

A person was missing and about 200 homes were reported damaged by water or wind in the Pacific coast state of Guerrero after Hurricane Max...
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artwalk puerto vallarta

ArtWalk Puerto Vallarta returns October 25, 2017

Over the years, Puerto Vallarta has become known as a vibrant art center, a place where artists have traveled for inspiration over the last century....
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puerto vallarta crocodile

Puerto Vallarta relocates crocodiles from Marina Vallarta to Ameca River

The deputy director of Municipal Ecology, Albino Garay de la O, reported that in the past few days, Puerto Vallarta participated in operations to capture...
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vegas party

Vegas rolls out red, white, green carpet for Mexican holiday

Las Vegas never needs an excuse to party, and as an entertainment oasis a short trip from Mexico, the city will roll out the red,...
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