November 6, 2017

Puerto Vallarta has a surprise for beer lovers, Beer-fest 2017

The tourist destination of Puerto Vallarta has a surprise for beer lovers. On November 18 and 19 the first Beer Festival will take place on...
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Study finds horse DNA in 10 percent of meat dishes in Mexico

A study in Mexico has found horse DNA in almost 10 percent of the ground beef and meat dishes served or sold in public markets,...
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Mexico says endangered vaquita porpoise died in captivity

Researchers were thrilled to have captured one of the few remaining vaquita porpoises, but announced Sunday that the adult female died after a few hours...
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Hook the Cure REELS in a whopping $450,000 in Puerto Vallarta

It was a dream destination - a competition and a spectacular star-studded event, but its chief purpose was for a greater cause… a cause that...
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