March 10, 2018

Southwest Airlines inaugurated its new San Diego-Puerto Vallarta routes

Southwest, one of the largest domestic airlines in the United States, inaugurated its new San Diego-Puerto Vallarta routes, as well as San Jose and Sacramento,...
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U.S. issues travel advisory to Mexico’s top destination prior to Spring Break without explanation

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico has narrowed its travel warning for the Caribbean resort city of Playa del Carmen amid what it calls an unspecified...
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Singer-Songwriter-Pianist Jeffery Straker at The Red Room

We are all searching for that unique, fascinating and highly entertaining musical performance.  Look no further, than singer-songwriter-pianist Jeffery Straker.   Act II is excited to present...
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Mexico successfully captures roaming hippo and transports to Zoo

A hippopotamus that has been roaming loose in a swampy area of southern Mexico has been caught and transported to a zoo. Mexico’s office for...
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