April 25, 2018
barbra bush

After a death, how much can ‘broken heart’ hurt survivors?

You hear it whenever someone gets sick or dies soon after losing a spouse: Was it because of a broken heart? Stress might not be...
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puerto vallarta firefighters

Puerto Vallarta firefighters complete training in rescue techniques

Members of the Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Puerto Vallarta, along with firefighters from Tlaquepaque, Zapopan, Bahía de Banderas and UEPCyB participate...
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Why it’s so hard for doctors to understand your pain

Why is it so hard for doctors to understand your pain?

We’re all human beings, but we’re not all alike. Each person experiences pain differently, from an emotional perspective as well as a physical one, and...
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Hikers want monument for Citla, The Guardian Angel of the Mountain

Citla, the "Guardian Angel of the Mountain", as hikers called him, died on September 28, 2017, and since then mountaineers from different parts of Mexico,...
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TPP mexico

Mexico becomes the first country to ratify TPP trade deal as it moves forward without U.S.

Mexico’s Senate on Tuesday voted to ratify a Asia-Pacific trade agreement (TPP), making it the first of 11 signatory countries to back the arduously negotiated...
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