May 31, 2018
mexico steel tariffs
Mexico responded to U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs by imposing wide-ranging “equivalent” measures on farm and industrial products, the economy ministry said on Thursday, ratcheting up tensions during talks to renegotiate NAFTA. The United States on Thursday morning said it was moving ahead with tariffs on aluminum and steel imports from Canada, Mexico and the...
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puerto vallarta earthquake
SkyAlert director, Álvaro Velasco, said that thanks to more than 250,000 subscriptions to their app, the Mexican company financed the expansion of its sensor network that will allow greater certainty and speed to detect and alert on earthquakes not only from the coast, but also from the interior of the country. SkyAlert installed more earthquake...
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puerto vallarta history
As part of the centennial celebrations of Puerto Vallarta, the municipal government, through the Vallarta Cultural Institute (IVC), held the “Colloquium on the Archaeology and History of Puerto Vallarta”, with the objective of educating attendees about the history of the region. Fernando Sánchez Aceves, director of the IVC, welcomed José Carlos Beltrán Medina, from the...
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