August 1, 2018

Is your air conditioner making you sick?

Enduring the high summer temperatures is much easier if we have air conditioning at home. Abusing its use, however, leads to an increase in electricity...
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Mexico has plenty of reasons to celebrate World Beer Day

World Beer Day will be held on August 3, a worthy date to celebrate in Mexico for being the number one country in beer exports...
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Mosquito season is here, and so is an increase in Dengue and Zika

From March to July of this year, cases of dengue grew almost 400%, going from 6 to 29, while in Zika nearly doubled, going from...
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Rock the Guac! ‘Guacamania’ Fest Comes to Mexico’s Velas Resorts

Avocado lovers, rejoice: this healthy fruit is no longer just a topping to your toast; it's the star ingredient in a meal, the garnish to...
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Mexico’s president-elects vows to end the use of fracking

Mexico’s president-elect said Tuesday that he will end fracking, the oil and gas extraction method that has just begun to take root in areas of...
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All 103 passengers survive plane crash in Mexico

An Aeromexico jetliner taking off in a blustery storm smashed down into a nearby field but skidded to a stop virtually intact, and all 103...
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tropical storm hector

Tropical Storm Hector forms, no threat to land

A newly formed tropical storm is blowing over the eastern Pacific, far off the coast of Mexico. The U.S. National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm...
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