September 4, 2018

Senate endorses initiative on benefits to same-sex spouses

The full Senate of Mexico endorsed an initiative that seeks to provide spouses of the same sex the right to all benefits in terms of...
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Art serves the purpose of capturing rainwater for drinking in Mexico City

At the foot of the Torre Latino, in the heart of the historic center of Mexico City, two wide sheet roofs and a water mirror...
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Puerto Vallarta committed to providing education to 600 LGBT students

Puerto Vallarta became the first municipality in the country to establish an inclusive education commitment, by signing a letter of intent between the State Institute...
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Puerto Vallarta adds five more sculptures to the landscape

Puerto Vallarta revealed five new sculptures that were installed in different parts of the city. The works of art derived from the International Forum of...
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Singer Edgar Roxha premiers in Incanto’s piano bar

After a chance meeting with Incanto owner Tracy Parks, while playing in a restaurant in the Galerias mall, local singer-songwriter and guitarist Edgar Roxha will...
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