September 30, 2018
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There is your house, waiting for a buyer! It’s been a few months now and it’s starting to look a little … desperate. Then you consider reducing the sale price: on the one hand, you know that this would mean depriving you of several thousand dollars (or pesos), but not doing so could mean the...
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Colima in Mexico: 27 Awesome Things to See, Eat and Do
Colima, Mexico may just be one of Mexico’s best spots for off the beaten path cultural, culinary and adventure travel. Mexico has always been a special place for me. It was the first country I visited in 2010 when I left my career, boyfriend, apartment, and friends indefinitely. I cried through most of it but...
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'Not mascots or buffoons': Mexico's dwarf wrestlers in the spotlight
He is just 90 centimeters tall, but he packs muscles, power, and swagger in a little frame: meet Microman, the smallest star in Mexican professional wrestling. Mexico’s “lucha libre,” a wildly popular mix of sport and entertainment, long featured midgets and dwarves in a deeply demeaning role: they were “mascotas” — a word that can...
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'A country now of mass graves': The gruesome details of Mexico's escalating drugs war
It is a country where so many people are being killed that there simply isn’t enough room to bury all the bodies. Escalating violence from Mexico’s ongoing drug wars has seen more than 17,000 people killed this year alone. That’s almost 80 a day – a higher rate at the height of the notoriously ferocious...
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Rosa to slam into northern Baja California, Mexico, to start October
Rosa is expected to batter far northwestern Mexico with gusty winds and flooding rainfall on the first day of October. Among the communities in the path of Rosa is Mexicali, the region’s capital, which normally receives about 7 mm (0.3 of an inch) of rainfall during the entire month of October. The city could be...
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