March 24, 2020

60% of restaurants in Puerto Vallarta remain closed

In the midst of the governor's call to stay home during these five critical days for the spread of the coronavirus, 60 percent of the...
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Puerto Vallarta reports five suspected cases of COVID-19

Official information from the Federal Government Health Secretariat indicates that there are currently 5 suspected cases of COVID-19 in Puerto Vallarta. Of those cases, there...
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How do we protect ourselves at home during coronavirus, and what if someone has been exposed? 4 questions answered

Editor’s note: As coronavirus spreads through the country, states have closed schools and nonessential businesses and prohibited group gatherings. This leaves most of us at...
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Mexico suspends large gatherings over coronavirus, helps small businesses

Mexico will suspend all large public and private gatherings for a month as it attempts to contain the spread of coronavirus, while extending support to...
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Mexican president vows to bail out the poor, not big companies, in coronavirus response

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday he would focus his response to the coronavirus outbreak on helping the poor rather than major...
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Regional Hospital of Puerto Vallarta establishes clinic for COVID-19 cases

The Regional Hospital of Puerto Vallarta has an area enabled for the exclusive care of patients with symptoms or contagion of Covid-19, which is independently...
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