April 4, 2020

Government of Jalisco ask residents not to go on Easter vacation to contain COVID-19

In an attempt to appeal to civility and responsibility of the population, the Government of Jalisco called on citizens not to go on vacation during...
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Candles, incense, and faith protects many in Mexico from COVID-19

Karina offers many remedies for all kinds of illnesses at her stall in the Sonora market in Mexico City, but she does not have an...
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Language barriers, social distancing: Mexico’s indigenous face coronavirus

Deep in the foothills of Mexico’s Sierra Juarez mountains, Juana Lazaro washes her hands vigorously, lathering up to her elbows and scrubbing between her fingers...
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Fighting boredom – tips from polar explorers for surviving months of isolation

Due to Antarctica’s extreme winter, which includes four months of total darkness, polar explorers endured intense confinement in close quarters for long periods of time....
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