April 14, 2020

Deaths from coronavirus in Mexico: 74 people dead in the last 24-hours

The Ministry of Health (SSa) announced, in its daily press conference at the National Palace, that so far there are 5,399 confirmed coronaviruses in Mexico,...
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Youtuber desperate for 15-minutes of fame strolls the streets of Mexico City while knowingly infected with COVID-19

The government of Mexico City is monitoring the Venezuelan youtuber, creator of the Soy David Show, who is infected with COVID-19, and broke his quarantine...
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Puerto Vallarta accounts for one out of every three jobs lost in Jalisco during March

During the month of March, when social isolation began to battle the spread of COVID-19, Jalisco lost 6,026 formal jobs. Puerto Vallarta and its tourism...
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Nurses in Mexico asked not to wear masks because it would cause panic

Nurses at a public hospital hit by Mexico’s worst coronavirus outbreak were told by their managers not to wear protective masks at the start of...
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