June 6, 2020

Jalisco police arrest, beat and rob peaceful protesters and abandon them on the streets

During Friday's protests in Guadalajara, near the State Prosecutor's Office (FE), at least 27 illegal arrests of young people were recorded. None of the 27...
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COVID-19 in Mexico: 13,511 deaths and 113,619 confirmed cases

The Ministry of Health (SSa) reported this Saturday, June 6, that the accumulated COVID-19 infections are 113,619, adding 3,593 new cases today. Furthermore, since the...
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Former mayor of Aguascalientes and three others die in plane crash in Puerto Vallarta

The former mayor of Aguascalientes, Adrián Ventura Dávila, and three more people died Friday afternoon in a small plane crash in Puerto Vallarta. Martín Orozco...
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Jalisco authorities downplay police brutality saying people self-victimize or exaggerate

Despite the fact that there are videos of the protests over the death of Giovanni López, at the hands of police from Ixtlahuacán de lo...
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