June 14, 2020

Shopping malls, gyms, sports clubs, churches, and hotels reopen in Jalisco with restrictions

Starting this Monday, June 15, the shopping malls, outdoor spaces, gyms and sports clubs that were closed due to COVID19 may restart operations in Jalsico....
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Mexico desperate to reopen 11 million-job tourism industry

An irony of the coronavirus pandemic is that the idyllic beach vacation in Mexico in the brochures really does exist now: The white sand beaches...
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Puerto Vallarta avoids hospital saturation from COVID-19; transfers patients to Nayarit and Guadalajara

Due to the fact that COVID-19 patients in Puerto Vallarta are transferred out to hospitals in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara and Nayarit, the Governor...
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Jalisco records its largest number of daily COVID-19 infections as beaches reopen

The state of Jalisco exceeded 6,000 daily cases of Covid 19 yesterday, the highest number of new confirmed cases (396), and eight reported deaths. The...
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Confusion in Nayarit; beaches will not reopen Monday

Due to the risk of coronavirus infections, the Nayarit State Government determined not to open its beaches, despite having agreed with Jalisco that they would...
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