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Be Aware of Red Flag Beach Warnings this Week

Officials in Mexico have issued warnings along the Pacific Coast for mar de fondo, a phenomenon that causes large ocean swells. These swells can pound the coastline with waves up to three meters.

Mar de fondo are swells caused by strong winds that increase in size and speed as they ripple through the ocean. ‘Swell Season’ in the Pacific is between May and November with an increase in storm activity and weather fronts. For surfers, these are the prime months for waves.

Coastal states have been alerted by civil protection to remain alert and follow protocols to protect the general population, including using the color-coded flag warnings along beaches.

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Officials state that dangerous currents can occur in bays and harbors along the coast, including the Bay of Banderas, where Puerto Vallarta is located.

Local authorities in Puerto Vallarta ask people to remain alert and follow the directions given by lifeguards and local authorities. If visible red flags are posted, you are prohibited from entering the waters.

While the current mar de fondo isn’t considered ‘High Risk’, it is still important to follow any warnings that may be issued.