Tipping and Taxes in Mexico


Let’s face it: it’s not always fun to tack a few extra bucks of your hard-earned money onto a bill. But since locals in the service industries (hotels, restaurants, and transportation) usually have gratuity factored into their wages, tips are expected and greatly appreciated.

You don’t have to go overboard, but be sure to show your love for the great Puerto Vallarta service. Note that there is an increasing number of restaurants adding the gratuity to your check, read your bill, or ask your server.

Hotel doorman: $10 pesos for hailing a cab.

Porters and bellhops: $10 pesos per bag.

Housekeeping: $15 pesos per day of your visit, or as much as $30 pesos per day in nicer hotels.

Waitstaff and bartenders: 15–20 percent of the total bill.

Taxi drivers: 15–20 percent of the total fare.

Hairdressers: 15–20 percent of total service cost.

Tips for other service personnel, tour guides, and coat-check staff, are always appreciated.

One more thing: if you’re having drinks at a bar, bartenders typically expect at least a $10 peso tip for every beverage they serve you. Later on, when the bar gets crowded, you’ll be glad that the bartender remembered you and your tipping!

Sales Tax

Sales tax in Mexico (IVA) is 16%, many restaurants and retailers will mark prices as IVA Included, but if you are unsure, ask. Certain goods and purchases allow you for a partial refund of taxes. Watch the Money Back video below.