Second Edition of Puerto Vallarta’s Official Magazine Available

December welcomes the release of the second edition of the Official Puerto Vallarta Magazine sponsored by the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Department.

The magazine deals with culture, tradition, food, events, and more that make Puerto Vallata a unique place.

From the Managing Editor, Karina Macias;

When we think about what characterizes a place, what immediately comes to mind are those things that are stored in the heart.

Traditions not only define a site, they define its people. They are an inseparable part of the culture of a place. They are the reflection of the customs of a town with history and the idiosyncrasies of those who dwell there.

Traditions mock time and are immortalized by those who are responsible for transmitting them. Meetings, food, dress, music, language and everything that despite the passing years remains alive is part of the folklore of a place.

What are some traditions that characterize Puerto Vallarta?

A walk on the malecon (boardwalk) just for the simple pleasure of watching people who, like us, want to be reflected in the gaze of others. Bursts of laughter that linger in the air after watching the clowns in the amphitheater on a summer evening.

Eating a piece of corn on the cob with cream or drinking a glass of tuba while you enjoy the sea breeze with the ocean as a backdrop. Walking along the beach at dawn, while the fishermen cast their nets with their eye to the horizon. Dancing in the square on Sundays, the church bells calling out, decorating the city with sound. Those who pull a chair to the sidewalk outside their home every evening, to watch life go by. Eating a good fish ceviche on a weekend at the beach with the family, or going to the river to take a plunge in the cool mountain waters.

And at special times such as November 2nd, taking flowers to the dead, with hearts eager to celebrate them with music and good mole.

Definitely one of the more important traditional events of the year are the pilgrimages to Our Lady of Guadalupe, celebrated the first twelve days of December. Hundreds of worshipers walk to see the Black Madonna in this most important religious event, for many even more so than Easter. Pilgrimages are a portrait of the spirituality and devotion of the people.

In this edition and thanks to our partners, you’ll understand why Puerto Vallarta is a traditional town which stands out from other tourist destinations in Mexico through the city’s most important historical events. You will discover the story of a Vallartan icon–“The Seahorse”–that truly represents us. You will read how the most imposing marine mammal, the humpback whale, choose our bay to reproduce.

We invite you dive into these and other stories so you will be drenched in the great particulars that define us. Our traditions and folklore are the attire that distinguish those of us who inhabit a town as magical as Puerto Vallarta.

Read the current issue of Puerto Vallarta’s Official Magazine online.

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