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43 missing students

Top headline news in Puerto Vallarta for 2015

Puerto Vallarta has had a big year in news, from celebrity sightings, film and television production, strongest storms on record, and a day of violence...
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7,000 Thousand Catholics March for Peace in Puerto Vallarta

Almost 7,000 people held a peaceful march in Puerto Vallarta on Sunday, December 14, along the Malecón. The peaceful march was organized by catholic groups...
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Overhauling Mexico’s Justice System is Slow and Expensive

As the United States is realizing, changes in the Mexican justice system can be slow and expensive, but an investment they are willing to make....
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Protesters Urge Canada to Take Mexico Off ‘Safe List’

On Wednesday, in several cities across Canadian, protesters called on the Federal Government to remove Mexico from their 'Safe List' of countries. Many protesters are...
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Ayotzinapa is a symbol of the dark collusion between power and crime in Mexico

Violence in Mexico has many faces, but there are terrible monuments in its honor that will remain as milestones in history. This is the case...
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Wife of Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel leader arrested in Jalisco

The Mexican government has dealt a severe blow to one of the most powerful cartels in the country, that of Jalisco Nueva Generación. Rosalinda González...
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Mexico Ayotzinapa Case: Investigating Army 'Not The Objective'

Mexico Ayotzinapa Case: Investigating Army ‘Not The Objective’

A march marks four years since the disappearance of the 43 students, in Mexico City, September 26, 2018. | Photo: Reuters Despite demands by relatives...
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Incoming Mexican president to accept truth commission

MEXICO CITY — Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Wednesday his administration will accept a truth commission to investigate the case of 43 teachers-college...
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Mexico prepares to make arrests in disappearance of student teachers

Mexican authorities are preparing to arrest dozens of people implicated in the kidnapping and alleged murder of 43 student teachers in southern Mexico more than...
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No end in sight for war on journalists in Mexico

During Pope Francis' recent tour of Mexico, he denounced the country’s illicit drug trade, while calling for social programs to lift up the poor. One...
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Mexican artist Toledo mourns disappeared, murdered in new show

Bloodshot faces, baked into ceramic pots, grimace in pain. Gnarled fingers poke from ashen clay. A skull and hands, the only remains of a body,...
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Clowns, Actors, and Sportsmen All Seeking Office in Mexico

With a football legend, a famous clown, a former Big Brother contestant and several soap stars in the running, the list of candidates in Mexico’s...
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